How To Choose The Best Co-working Space

If you are reading this article, you’re probably aware of the importance of choosing the best co-working environment. As you equally have figured out by now, picking the right work space is a battle all to itself.

First, why does co-working space hold this much sway to innovation: In his book, Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson beautifully illustrated how instrumental the coffee house had been to the production and spread of both ideas and innovation, and was more, is he attributed this to the architecture of the space.

It turns out the coffee house wasn’t just a place to come buy a cup of coffee, but became a place where scientist, innovators and in our case business men meet and swap ideas, strike deals, and exchange business. Or in his words, where ideas collide.

This signified the origin of the co-working spaces, and as previously stated the increasing number of serviced office as often made choosing a spot a daunting task.

In this article we’ll give a detailed breakdown on:

1. The various factors,
2. Why they are important
3. And of course, benefits in taking it seriously

All to ensure you choosing the perfect spot to couch your business. Let’s dive right in.


Neighbors can make all the difference in your everyday work experience, so finding out what other businesses are in the workspace before you sign up. Most times, you’ll find that there are a lot of other startups and small companies like yours, and you can really benefit from each other’s experiences and connections.

People who are creative and risk takers, tend to be attracted to co-working spaces, which provides a workspace for those who wouldn’t necessarily fit in elsewhere. So, getting to know your neighbors might just teach you something new.


With shared office space, being in a great neighborhood appeals both to potential clients and employees. Startups and others should begin to understand the bonus they are getting. Great location after all, means safety, being in proximity to great restaurants, and good parking.

Factors such as competing spaces, instances of people working from cafes in the area, and whether there is financial support for your best co-working space, should be considered, there’s not much point building a shared office space if demand is unsustainable. Ensure public transport is nearby and that the serviced office is relatively close to a coworker’s playground – think restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and bars.


The design of your co-working space is another important factor to consider. You want a space where you feel inspired to work. Research shows that design drives innovation, and the best co-working spaces reflect that.

Co-working space generally can’t be rearranged and customized the way a private office can, you therefore, have to be satisfied with the existing layout and setup of a shared office space.


While a serviced office space may have everything a developing business needs, not all facilities are fundamentally incorporated into your rent. Make sure to peruse the fine print and know precisely what you’re paying for, so you don’t wind up with any concealed charges after you’ve officially set yourself up in a space.


A little office space can be leased by anybody. The purpose of shared office spaces is its plan to encourage groups and give that something additionally missing in private workplaces. These spaces, in a perfect world when done well, provide a place where individuals that need to work at on the grounds get a dynamic and steady social space furnished with enhancements.


The best c0-working spaces offer an assortment of choices, with serviced office that incorporates access to lounges, participation in events, and utilization of common office hardware. On the flip side, the virtual offices incorporate full office space with a keyed office to its members. Some even offer retail stores. This implies that, as the new companies develop, their co-working spaces can develop with them.

By picking common workspaces, new businesses profit themselves on development potential, and the chance to connect with other similarly invested business people. The best co-working spaces rehearse maintainability. The way they work is both in light of the fact that they exist halfway to enable specialists to share assets. What’s more, they are reasonable as innovative, driving edge organizations too.


In Malaysia, having MSC status for your company is a good advantage. By having MSC status by MDEC, you would enjoy tons of benefits for your business.


Co-working spaces help improve the lives and work of members, while all the more fulfilling and more secure. When considering a serviced office, these should be put in the list:

  • A brilliant, happy office brimming with common light.
  • An office that is sufficiently traditional to use as a meeting setting, yet that does not give individuals who endured a very long time of awful occupations in work area ranches post-traumatic stress.
  • A quiet and calm space to focus.
  • A put with private spaces for telephone assembles and video conferences.
  • Furniture that doesn’t appear as though it was intended to act in lieu of a cushioned room.

Let us know your thoughts about choosing best co-working space, in the comments 🙂